Project Description

As seen in AtHome Magazine with Sarah Beeny.
This garden has been much loved and tended carefully over many years. The soil is superb where it has been worked, in contrast with soil of the average garden which is generally gravelly and poor. Years of incorporating organic matter have left this garden with a good layer of rich topsoil. But the garden no longer worked for the client and it jarred with the contemporary interior design. The clients wanted somewhere to sit in the sun for morning coffee, for lunch and to catch the last rays of summer. To be able to dine outside, to entertain and relax. At night the soft lighting adds to the enjoyment of the garden, keeping the focus within the garden rather than the eye being drawn to the competing street lamps nearby.

The clients wanted a strong design to match the interior. To be able to grow a few fresh vegetables and some soft fruit to take to the table. To watch the birds.

And water for the soothing sound and look of water moving slowly – no harsh plunges of water here!