The Benefits of Great Landscape Design

Good landscape and garden design will provide you with an outside space that is suited to your needs and add value to your property.

Just as with your home, construction in the garden is an investment so it’s worth spending the time to find the right garden designer. After all, getting it right first time saves you money.

Spatial design is at the heart of all great garden design; terraces, seating, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, play equipment must all be positioned correctly and have the right connections.

Gardens need to look good and function well. Not just now but in the future.


Give us a call and we’ll arrange a meeting at your property to discuss the options for improving your outside space. If you have plenty of ideas that you would like to see come to life, great. If not, don’t worry, we are never short of inspirational ideas for beautiful gardens and landscapes designed just for you.

Following the initial meeting we will provide you with a detailed fee proposal with your requirements clearly outlined. From a starting point of  a simple informal discussion we work with you to develop a detailed brief so you will have a design that not only looks the way you hoped, but also has atmosphere and takes into account the small details that make life easier and give you the ‘wow!’ factor.

Whether you’re after a well designed wilderness for your country retreat or a peaceful patch of green at your workplace we can create the right space for you.

Site surveys are an essential part of the garden design process. A well conducted site survey is vital in order to create accurate design plans and prevent unnecessary expenditure and design changes in the future.

We are able to provide details of a number of dedicated and professional land surveyors to do the job. If you already have a recent and accurate survey of your property, never fear, we will be happy to use the data where possible.

We will simply need to complete a site analysis to ensure that we have assessed all of the potential opportunities and limitations of your space.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Many bespoke designs for properties in sensitive locations require a full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment as part of the planning process.  For such schemes and as part of our overall landscape design service we are able to provide full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA).  The LVIA is carried out by chartered landscape architects and adheres to the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment published jointly by the Landscape Institute and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment 2013.

Now for the exciting part – plans! At this stage you will really begin to see your new garden coming to life. The design is drawn up and hand shaded to help you visualise your new garden. All of our designs are created using professional software (CAD) to ensure accuracy.

3D plans can also be included as part of the design package as many people find the added perspective helpful in visualising the finished project.

Design in hand, we’ll present our ideas for your garden and talk through any changes that you may wish to make. Another bonus of creating plans using CAD is that amendments can be made quickly and easily and then emailed straight to you for approval.

Having seen the finalised design plans, you’ll be itching to get building. On your go ahead, we’ll create any further drawings that a contractor will require for construction and then the process of finding a contractor will begin.

We don’t employ our own contractors as this enables us to hire the most qualified craftsmen for each project. However, we do have excellent links with the best contractors around and we’ll be happy to arrange for them to quote for your garden project.

We’ll even prepare all the tendering documentation needed for receiving quotes for your job. This ensures fair price comparisons are made for all contractors and it also ensures that you have the garden built that you expect.

Making sure that building work progresses to plan can be a full-time job. Without someone to ask the right questions and oversee the build, projects get delayed and don’t always go to plan.

We are available to monitor all works to completion, ensuring that your build is finished to a high standard, to agreed timescales and to budget.

We can even handle all liaison with architects, council officers, contractors and other professionals for you. Communication and attention to detail are both key to the success of building projects.

We’re happy to worry about all of the details, big and small, so that you don’t have to. We will take the stress out of your build so that you can just sit back and watch it happen!

Plants aren’t just a finishing touch to a garden, they are an integral part of a design which aid in the formation of a landscape’s character.

Most of our clients ask for new planting beds to compliment their new garden, however some simply ask that their existing beds undergo a little revitalisation.

Whatever your requirements, we can create a planting plan to illustrate exactly how your beds will be arranged, as well as offering a full plant supply and planting service.

Landscapes and gardens are living things, they take time to establish, grow and develop.  Once we hand over the garden we are able to offer an aftercare service tailored to your needs, from working with your gardener, appointing a maintenance team to providing bespoke monthly  care instructions.  We also keep in touch and are able to offer detailed reviews on a regular basis to ensure you have the confidence to care for your new garden.