February 22 2013

On a recent trip to the lovely Spanish town of Granada a small  window  box reminded me of what it is about gardens that is so special and gets so many of us excited and interested. There is  a fundamental need for human beings to grow  things, to touch soil and to see green. Wherever people are you will see greenery.  We just can’t stop growing things.

So alongside the beauty and the wonder of the extraordinary delights of the Alhambra Palace there are the additional delights of the wider landscape.

The Sierra Nevada, rich in wildflowers, create a perfect natural backdrop to mans achievements.

But what would it be without the trees and shrubs, to strip out the greenery and the landscape?

Great design is often copied and for good reason.  Here the detail of the water channel draws the eye, creates movement and the water cools..

The regional soil contains loose, smooth oval  stones.  The stones are used in the detail of the  landscape to provide pattern and texture.  Here in the Generalife the pattern on the ground is then echoed in the arch of the hedge and the gently bubbling water feature.  A perfect contrast to the strong lines taking the the eye to the vanishing point.  The water reflecting the sky complete this tranquil and well balanced scene.

Shallow steps take the pain out of the steep slopes that remain easily passable to wheels and pedestrians alike.