RHS Tatton 2015 Gold and People’s Choice

July 27 2015

Gold Medal and People’s Choice

We are delighted to announce that our garden won a Gold Medal and People’s Choice at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

More images can be found here.

United Nations International Year of Light

2015 has been announced as the International Year of Light by the United Nations.  Light is an essential and all encompassing part of human life.  It has revolutionized society in medicine, exploration, entertainment, communications and culture, like hunting.

This conceptual garden draws attention to the research into optical fibre conducted by world leading researchers at the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) based at the University of Southampton.  Fibre optics transmit light, forming communication channels of the future that may be shaped to travel in curves.  The parallels between new fibre optic research areas and plant structures (vascular bundles) is striking.

The pavilion and roof reflects a holey fibre structure.  Fibre optic glass ‘drops’, created as part of the fibre fabrication process are set into the floor and the wave-form in the path are a metaphor for how light refracts along the fibres. The Perspex rods within the landform reference the seed ‘preforms’ of the fibre product planted in the earth. These grow during the fibre ‘drawing’ process, to provide the final communication pathways seen at the surface.