Contemporary Country Garden, Lymington

Designed as a large outdoor room for a family to enjoy in all seasons, this garden is a contemporary take on a traditional, formal English design.

Classic elements such as manicured lawns and Yorkstone terraces are softened with textural planting split into different zones. Around the house densely planted flowerbeds balance out the height of the house with oversized topiary creating structure and a mix of grasses and perennials adding texture and colour across the seasons.

The front garden, previously lost under a blanket of evergreen shrubs, was bought back to life with different areas of planting creating broad brushstrokes of colour that blend the garden into its surroundings. Large meadow areas now connect the space to a backdrop of woodland trees providing interest from spring to autumn, while a central bed provides a summer symphony of oranges, yellows, purples and blues.

Ornamental grasses were repeated throughout the planting schemes to connect the different spaces, softening their divisions and creating a sense of connection throughout the three-acre site.

At the back of the house, several terraces were designed to support relaxed seating, dining and simple outdoor cooking allowing use of the garden throughout the year.

Images copyright Beki Bernstein, Richard Bloom

The garden was named best Large Residential Garden at the Society of Garden Designers Awards in 2020.