Small Town Garden, Isle of Wight

This garden is set in the sheltered warmth on the Isle of Wight with a climate considerably warmer than the mainland. The terraces are positioned to take advantage of the light and views across the gardens focusing attention away from the neighbouring properties.

The boundary wall has been carefully and skillfully rebuilt using island stone in a traditional method using lime mortars giving the garden a strong sense of place, anchored into its surroundings.

The planting takes full advantage of the warmer climate and includes many exotic species. The planting on the warmer, sunnier upper section of the garden closer to the house has a blue tone and the bottom section screening a glasshouse and vines focuses attention on green texture, providing the glasshouse of some much needed delicate shade in the height of summer, far more interesting and just as effective as whitewash on the glasshouse itself.

A herb living wall sits behind the outdoor kitchen and drifts of agapanthus flower for a number of months behind a quiet seat close to the house.